More people making smarter choices, but how?

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Last week I talked about how we can all do little things regularly and collectively make an enormous difference. An example I used was that if we all purchased one less product wrapped in plastic each week, that would save 23 million fragments of plastic from potentially entering the ocean each week in Australia alone.

For those of us who already try to reduce our plastic use, this is going to be a little more difficult. Perhaps physically collecting litter already in nature is an option?

For those of us who haven’t been making the best plastic free choices it’s very simple to reduce this use a little. Why not refuse products that have been removed from their own natural skin (package) and re-packaged in plastic and Styrofoam? The mentality that something can be peeled, cut up, then packaged is absolutely ridiculous. Corn, mandarins and even apples are sometimes sold like this and it makes no sense. Stop buying though and the supermarkets will stop doing, simple. Don’t support businesses that quite honestly don’t deserve your money.

A lot less of this.
A lot less of this
A lot more of this
A lot more of this

For over a decade I have felt the frustration on a daily basis, heading down to the beach and seeing litter washed in everywhere. I have often felt overwhelmed as I could spend hour’s collecting literally thousands of individual pieces of plastic from the shoreline only to see it all back there in a number of hours. The only analogy I can come up with would be a donkey following a carrot dangling from a stick strapped to his back or the packet of Tim Tams that never runs out, only this isn’t magic.

Obviously this isn’t going to fix things on its own, so how to make an even greater impact?

I believe that this impact can be made through changing the behaviour of many (sounds obvious, and it is), to make good decisions and make them easier.

Making better choices is pretty easy when eating out, grocery shopping or drinking coffee in my home town, but this isn’t always the case when visiting unfamiliar towns or travelling around. I have walked around and searched google for hours in the past trying to find a decent café that would sell me a coffee to have inside their shop that was served in a ceramic mug. Believe it or not, I have been to some pretty major towns in Australia and have “god forbid” gone without coffee because all I could get was a sit down coffee served in a takeaway, single use, throw away cup.


This little experience sparked an idea, to make life easier for anyone wanting to make better choices. And…

Why not also support businesses who are cutting their food and packaging waste?

This time next week I will be showing you a web based app that can be used on your mobile, tablet or laptop that will either give you options in your location that fit your ethics or, alternatively allow you to add a businesses that you know of, whom you believe others should know about as well.

The aim of this app is to make it much simpler and faster to find food sold or prepared with a social or environmental conscience. Encouraging more people to support businesses who are supporting the planet.

As more food businesses are added to the site, options around the country where we could eat and feel good about it will increase. While these businesses feel the benefits of attracting socially conscience customers, then I hope their competition would wish to join our sustainable brigade. Thus increasing the number of good guys. The inevitable outcome of this are further cuts to food and packaging wastage, not to mention reducing carbon intensive practices like food transport and packaging production.


So join me next week to go through the operation of this tool and lets work together to put as many sustainable food businesses as we can, side by side, all in the one place. Looking for healthy, environmentally friendly food has never been as easy as this, or as much fun.



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  1. Super excited! I don’t know much about the eating out options even in Wollongong, so this app will be really useful for me. Can’t wait to try it out!!

  2. Thanks Emma, its been a long time in the making and will be helpful to anyone that cares about our food system. It should also be a lot of fun, because to make it a success we are going to need to tap into the expertise of foodies from all around the country. Logging in and telling us all about the hidden gems in any town Australia.

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