Its Time to Forage

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0001-76120430Fair Food Forager is now finally live and your most likely reading this on the site itself? The success of this site and its ability to help others find the most environmentally friendly and ethical food destinations, is going to depend on all of us to keep it in mind when purchasing food or eating out.

Any food destination that you frequent that passes our simple “checklist” can be added by you via a stress free form. The restaurant, café or grocer can be in your home town, in the next town or somewhere you bump into on a business trip or holiday. Check if we already have it listed, if we do add a comment. If we don’t, it’s all you! You are the Fair Food Forager Warrior that introduces this awesome spot to the next 100 or so Fair Food Foragers visiting that town.

Look in the “terms of use” for the “Forager Law” and the things businesses should be doing to fit in with the Fair Food Forager Community. (Terms – screen shot).

#This is a guide, they do not have to be doing everything, just making an effort.


Use the “Add you Fave Place” tab to start loading (homepage – screenshot).

Add place

You can add quite a bit of detail, but basically all you need is their shop name, the address, one photo and your comments.

If you’re not shy, have a chat to the staff or the owner and find out how great they are. I find it is often really surprising just how much people are doing in their business for the environment or charity. Often it is not at all obvious from the outside, how would you know that their eggs are coming from the owners garden if they aren’t advertising it? If they are keen on the idea they can add themselves, with a few additional listing options.

Fair Food Forager is not about being the most environmentally friendly sustainability guru there is. Though there are some very impressive businesses on here already who are almost producing no waste, are sourcing all their food locally and support charity with some of their profits. One of our businesses has even purchased 76 Goats for underprivileged people in the third world. That’s impressive! The animal they are purchasing will give you a glue on their name.

Fair Food Forager is about making the effort to do something, whatever level that is, guru or beginner. It’s about encouraging every business to do more. It’s about customers choosing the café that doesn’t sell takeaway in Styrofoam. It’s about encouragement, learning what can be done and most of all feeling good about what is being done.

Now I love eating! If I am going to spend money on food, I would prefer to give my money to someone who deserves it. It feels great to know I haven’t added another piece of unnecessary plastic to the system. So the research is sometimes as much fun and the food, and you are now Fair Food Forager researcher as well.


So check out, register and load a place or comment on this weekend’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or groceries if they suit. It’s completely free and good fun.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being a Fair Food Forager Warrior. You’re not only helping people find a more ethical meal quickly in the palm of their hand. You’re helping a small business owner, possibly local farmers, food creators and most importantly you just helped to minimise food and packaging waste 100 fold for every 100 people that find this place thanks to you loading it .

Captain planet go forth!


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