Devilish Hasselback Potatoes

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These are a favourite in my house, you can make them even more naughty if you add some crispy bacon to them as well.

They’re easy to make and taste delicious, here’s the recipe

You will need..

8 large potatoes

salt and pepper

shredded cheese


slice into the potato, DONT cut all the way through you want it to stay together (like an accordion)

place the cut potatoes with the cut side down in hot water (let them soak for 5 mins), then turn them over and pop them in the microwave on high level for 7 minutes (the less potatoes you use the less time you will need). Then place on an oven tray with foil and baking paper, set oven to 170 degrees and cook until the become crispy and browned.  That usually takes 30 to 40 mins with 8 large potatoes.

Then take them out and smoother them with butter. Add salt and pepper, then put as much cheese or it as you like. Turn down the temp to 150 degree, cook until cheese has melted and browned a little (5 mins should do)

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