Its Simple, Its Certain, Its Positive and Its Now.

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Its pretty obvious that I kind of care about the impact I have on the planet and the natural environment. I am by no means perfect and I’m not expecting anyone else to be either. We are all limited by our time, our budgets and our knowledge. The important thing is that we realise our daily lives are having an impact and we give a few little things a go to minimise that impact.

Based on experience, I would suggest that people mostly do care and any lack of action is due to either;

1. Perceived effects are too far into the future.

2. The problems are not easily solved or the plan of attack is lot confusing.

3. Efforts do not return a certain and positive result.

Then there are conflicting media interests and a whole lot of misinformation. Fear sells just as good as sex and so we are bombarded with the bad stuff. This could mean the masses simply turn off. Solutions although often quite simple are a little scattered and very numerous. And its probably not going to turn really bad for another 50 years anyway.

Litter collected from the beach after rain.
Litter collected from the beach after rain. A few things here we could avoid all together.

So where do you start?

Firstly, you do not have to be perfect. No one is going to call you a hypocrite if you leave all the lights on. Well maybe they will, but we all have to start somewhere.

Secondly, the effects aren’t decades away, things are happening to the planet now and I don’t want to scare you, but just think about it this way. If everyone in Australia purchases one product per week as part of their normal grocery shop, that wasn’t wrapped in plastic. This means there could potentially be 23 million less pieces of plastic each week, not ending up in landfill or floating around in the ocean. The more we do now, the better it will be tomorrow. This is certain and you can bet that if we are making better choices collectively then the suppliers will also be forced to collectively change.

You have to admit, its pretty simple to choose the corn cobs in their own skin rather than the peeled ones wrapped in styrofoam and cling wrap?

Plastic wrapping

Solutions or contributions are simple, pick something that is the most important to you and start it tomorrow. Do you care about native birds? Buy some plants for the garden and install a birdbath. Worried about climate change? Catch the bus to work tomorrow, ride a bike to the shops or turn off those lights. The thing is, you don’t have to solve all of the problems on your own and you don’t have to do it all tomorrow. Just give something a try.

Trust me it will feel good and it will probably be good for your health as well.

These guys all come wrapped in their own skin
These guys all come wrapped in their own skin

Fair Food Forager is going to help by providing a tool that will assist you to make some more ethical choices around food. Both in the purchase of grocery supplies for the home and for eating out at cafes and restaurants..

If you already know of some cool places doing great things in this space, let us know. You know where to find us.


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