5 Easy Steps to Help the Planet with Fair Food Forager.

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5 Easy Steps to

Everyone loves to eat and obviously we all have to do it to survive. So going without food isn’t a very good tactic if you want to minimize the impact this necessity has on the planet.

So if you want to minimize some of the effects eating has on ecosystems, animals people and the environment in general, how are you going to do it.

Filling landfills with putrefied material, deforestation, carbon intensive transport issues, cooling and processing, rising salinity, loss of topsoil, land degradation, excessive water use, river destruction, fertilizer runoff, coral reef destruction, animal cruelty, packaging waste, ocean litter, pest infestations, supermarket monopolies, seabird deaths, waste, etc etc etc.


These are all topics that could be grouped with food production in our modern world.

One thing we can all do is make better choices and that will have a significant impact on our foods contribution to these problems. After all, one of the most powerful things is the power of our purchases. If we all said no to some these destructive items, the making of them would be a failing business model.

You guys are most likely already doing what you can to influence food producers and sellers. But now there is a way that collectively we can all have a bigger influence.

Its called fair food forager and here are 5 easy (and fun) steps that allows all of us to grow a community around fairer food. It will influence and encourage the sellers to do more or become involved and assist consumers find food that they feel more comfortable buying.


Step 1.

Go to www.fairfoodforager.com
Step 2. Use the “browse” or “search” tab to look for your local area, or current location.



Step 3.

If we already have the café, restaurant or grocer where you are or where you’re going. Log on or register, then;

Comment, rate and share the business via social media links. Get people talking about it. Help the business and save people the trouble of searching out a responsible business. You’ve found it for them.

Feedback image

Step 4.

We don’t have it listed. Well consider yourself a Fair Food Forager Warrior. You just found someone we didn’t know about. Log on or register;

Get some pictures, write a comment, get the address and list the place yourself. Of course if your not shy, you can talk to the business owner yourself and get them to sign up themselves and list their business exactly how they want it listed.


Step 5.

Share, share, share and start conversations. Use the social media links at the top of the café, restaurant of grocers page. Sent it out into the Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or LinkedIn worlds and help others make the same right choices.


Together we can create a fairer food community. Collectively purchasing less plastic packaging, more local, fresh, fair trade, organic free-range produce that better for us and better for the planet.

Together we are stronger and can have a much bigger impact on the way food is grown, processed, packaged and thrown away in this country.

Happy foraging.


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